My freelance work is sometimes published under the name of my LLC - Pierides. What can I say? It's Greek and sounds inspirational. At least it did when I ordered the business cards.

Would love to call myself a runner, but membership in the St. Louis Track Club is humbling. I should probably just say I hang out with runners.

I CAN claim one marathon (Portland, Oregon in 2010), a handful of 10ks, and lots of 5ks around town and in the Northwest. I try to route a run so that it ends at a bakery.

Middle school career card at Hixson Junior High was filled out with "writer" under the What Do You Wanna Be? section. I've been at this ever since.

Originally from Webster Groves, Missouri, I've lived in Texas and Colorado....and one of these days I'm going to live in England, at least for a summer. Then I can write "favourite" and defy the spellcheck software.

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