Welcome to my words!

Features * Interviews * Research * Corporate Communication

PARTICULAR AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Non-profits, finance, higher education, healthcare, biographies, fashion, lifestyle, retail and restaurants, celebrity interviews, landscaping, and travel.

But my original and abiding love is residential architecture and design, because homes and real estate are part of my DNA. Combine that with a lifelong attraction to words, and voila! A career (and perhaps an obsession) was born.


  • Recommended by industry professionals as the go-to writer for deadline-driven features with originality & style  
  • A recognized talent for disseminating complex material into readable and engaging features  
  • Top-notch interviewer, particularly focused on building long-term and satisfying relationships with clients and interview subjects

Whether you need short & snappy product descriptions or 1,000 word features - I'll deliver just what you had in mind, within deadline and on budget.

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